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Mr Andreas, M.D.

The services offered by Ms Vini have been very professional, prompt and very concise and clear instructions were given both on call and in detailed emails. I loved the way all updates were given regarding our vaccines project and any problems which arose were sorted out efficiently thus relieving us of huge stress and managing deadlines. We highly recommend Hermes TCL and its services. Wish you luck with your business.

Dr Renuka

I received oxygen concentrator in the least amount of time and when it was needed the most.  As a Doctor I understand that healthcare products must be given in time to patients in need. I was glad to receive oxygen concentrator during the second wave of COVID-19 across India. Transportation documents and receipts were given in advance and I was well informed when my product would arrive and it was on time. I would definitely recommend her business to others who need quick delivery and genuine products on time.

Mr Bil

We were dealing with PPE gloves for some time but we weren’t striking any luck with any real suppliers and dealers. I received the details of Ms Vini’s business via a colleague who recommended I try out their services. I received complete literature of the documents required and little notes of what shouldn’t be written inside those documents which came handy as we could avoid pitfalls we had committed earlier.

We shared documents and waited for the processing. In a period of 2 weeks, the order came through the last stage of execution. With Zoom meetings we could resolve further problems and we closed the deal successfully.

It was because of Ms Vini’s efforts we could successfully close our deal and part away with good relations and profits. I personally wish her good luck for her future business endeavors.

Image by Scott Graham

Dr Dinesh

My first masks suppliers passed away of complications from COVID-19. I was looking for N95 masks suppliers as I need to tend to my patients daily. During the first countrywide COVID-19 lockdown, very few suppliers were available who were dealing with these products and I had to ensure that they were genuine too. A friend of mine suggested to me Ms Vinita’s business where I could get N95 masks. I ordered 30 masks as my trial order and got them delivered in no time. I liked the fit and reordered them the second time. I would recommend her business as they deliver products in time. They are all well packed and at affordable rates.

Mr Raghubir Kumar

To be honest, I love your company and I love how you handle it and manage it and your data and information is accurate. During the emergence of COVID-19, I had ordered hand sanitisers amid the first wave of lockdown. From my experience, it's a premium business and the services are first class.

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